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8:30am - 5:30pm

$210 Full Week

$49 Single Day

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8:30am - 12:30pm

$130 Full Week

$29 Single Day

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1:30pm - 5:30pm

$110 Full Week

$25 Single Day

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7:30am - 830am



A K-8 Educational Support & Sports Program

Designed for Working Families


On August 17, 2020 XL Sports World will launch XL-EDIFY, its educational support and sports program to give K-8 students a place to participate in their online school or Virtual Academy classes, and to engage in fun sports activities.

Affordable, Dependable Educational Support

Designed to help families work through the school and childcare challenges created by Covid-19, XL-EDIFY offers families a cost-effective educational support option during the work week.


Students are supervised as they participate in their daily virtual learning, plus, students have the opportunity to engage in healthy physical activity and sports-inspired games. Kids will be active during instructional breaks, and at the end of each virtual learning day.

Our program offers...


  • Learning spaces designed to comply with Covid-19 state and local guidelines for safety and social distancing.


  • Wi-Fi to support video, streaming media and other online school digital requirements.


  • Experienced, dedicated directors and counselors to supervise and assist your child with their remote learning and schoolwork.

Why choose XL-EDIFY...


  • Huge cost savings! Daycare and babysitters average $10-$15 per hour. XL-EDIFY costs on average $6.30 per hour!


  • Kids need physical activity! During instruction breaks, and when remote learning is completed, students will play XL sports games run by our professional coaches.


  • Children benefit from peer-to-peer socialization with proper social distancing.

Student Requirements


  • A laptop/tablet headphones and school supplies.

  • Students should bring two snacks, lunch and a water bottle.

  • Students must be able to operate their devices and software programs.

  • Students must be able to log in to their school’s website and virtual classes.




Educational Support & Multi-Sports Camp

Fall Session Dates:

August 17th-October 16th

XL Safety Protocols




  • Camp Registration Must Be Completed Online.

  • Contactless check-in/check-out at vehicle conducted by staff.

  • Parents do not need to get out of vehicle.

  • Temperatures are taken with a non-contact infrared thermometer each day for campers and staff as they arrive.

  • Campers must bring their own lunch and snacks.




  • Campers are grouped according to age/grade.

  • Campers will be in groups no greater than 9 with one camp counselor.

  • Campers rotate activities but remain in the same group during the day.

  • Groups stay with one staff member in the morning and one in the afternoon.

  • Masks are required for campers 5 or older. You may bring one or we will provide one.

  • Campers will wash hands prior to joining their group at the start of each day

  • Mandatory hand washing will be enforced throughout the day.

  • Masks are required for all staff.

  • Staff is trained on infection mitigation procedures, identification of symptoms and illness and process for removing potentially ill campers.




  • Easy access to hand washing facilities and hand sanitizers

  • Frequent, defined cleaning (every 30 minutes)

  • Disinfection of sports equipment and targeted areas within the facility

  • Quick response to spills, trash and other situations

  • Limited handling of cash.

  • End-of-day deep sanitation for all restroom, kitchen, and targeted areas

  • Interior doors kept open to prevent hands from touching doors and handles


*Please do not register your child for camp if they have been feeling unwell or if they have been in contact with any other sick people*